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Trimming the Fur

"Your Pet's Local Groomer"

Our Most Popular Services


Full Groom

Our most complete service, our full groom includes a bath, nails, dry, and brush out as well as a complete style and trim all over.

Image by Ivana La

Salon Bath

Ideal for those in-between or mid-winter visits for your pooch, or the go-to groom to help de-shed! 


Salon Bath & Tidy

The bath and blow-dry is a popular service, excellent for those dogs that are extra smelly or malting heavily.

Our Services

Full Groom

- Warm bath (double shampoo)

- Conditioning treatment

- Nails trimmed

- Ears cleaned

- Blow wave

- Body clip

- Face style and tidy

- Ears trimmed

- Tail tidy

- Pads trimmed

- Belly and bottom trimmed

From:  $80

Salon Bath & Tidy

- Warm bath (double shampoo)

- Conditioning treatment

- Nails trimmed

- Ears cleaned

- Blow wave

- Brush through

- Face tidy and style

- Pads trimmed and feet styled

- Belly and bottom trimmed


From:  $55

Beautiful golden retriever puppy dog isolated on blue background. dog studio portrait. fro

Double Coat De-shed


Salon Bath

- A warm bath (double shampoo)

- Conditioning treatment

- Nail trim

- Ears cleaned

- Blow wave

- Double coat de-shed

- Feet and pads trimmed and shaped

Dogs with double coats, German shepherds, golden retrievers, husky, spitz, pomeranian, samoyed, etc., have an undercoat. We brush it out while leaving the guard coat light & flowing.

From:  $79 

Size Guide

Toy - Toy Poodle, Griffon, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Sidney Silku + more

Small -Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Mini Schnauzer, Westie, Mini Poodles + more

Medium -Spaniels, Spoodles, Cavoodle, Cocker Spaniel, Standard Schnauzer + more

Large - Golden Retriever, Retrodoodle, Standard Poodle, Border Collie + more

XL or Double Coat -Japanese Akita, Bernise, Newfoundland, Samoyed, German Shepherd, etc

Severe Matting - Please Note this is + $20

Our Prices

We charge according to your pet's size as well as coat type and style of clip. Prices may vary each visit depending on the condition of your pet's coat and the clip style.



Size is at the groomer's discretion - based on weight, body size, and the length of the dog's legs.


Condition of Coat

This is at the groomer's discretion. Tangles, matting, and pelted coats take time and expertise to remove. 

- A warm bath (double shampoo)

- Conditioning treatment

- Nail trim

- Ears cleaned

- Blow wave

- De-shed

From: $39


Dog gets hair cut at Pet Spa Grooming Salon. Closeup of Dog. the dog has a haircut. comb t


Puppies can be groomed starting from four months.

It is good to establish puppy grooming routines when your dog is still young and capable of learning new behaviour.  Imagine chasing a full-grown wet dog as they run around the house, trying to escape a bath!

We will spend time with your puppy to teach them that grooming is part of their routine including bathing, blow drying, ears, nose, and eyes are clean and that their fur is not matted and dirty, and that their paws are clean and nails are trimmed. Please see the descriptions for the Full Groom and Bath & Dry.

Puppies $40 (up to six months)

Our Amazing

Smiling dog.jpg

Teeth Brush

Paw Space - Our specialty teeth cleaning service. A de-scale, brush, and dental treat to take home for your dog!

From $20


Sensitive Skin

For those dogs with extra itchy sensitive skin, we have Smith & Burton Dermal Relief Conditioning Shampoo, 100% natural and carefully formulated to assist replenish, repair, protect and calm dull, dry, itchy, ultra-sensitive, allergy prone skin. This has been road tested on even the most sensitive dog!

From $5

Nail Clip


From $15

dog with a beauty mask.jpg


My name is Kim and I want to welcome you to Paw Space where my aim is to make your pet look and feel totally pampered and cuddly.


I love our furry friends and am dedicated to ensuring the comfort of every pet that visits me with a calm and peaceful grooming experience.

All pets are received and handled as if they were my own. I ensure that your dog's needs and comfort come first while carefully observing their acceptance during the grooming procedure.

At Paw Space, there are no threatening or fearful situations for your pet. My objective is to ensure your pet will not be afraid through out the grooming experience. 

Our Happy Clients

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“Great groom and happy dog...highly recommended.”

Rusty's Owner

“Curtis smelled and looked amazing after his groom and I know he's happy because his tail was wagging.”

Kurtis's Owner

“I'm very happy with Ruby's groom. She looked amazing with her poodle clip. ”

Ruby's Owner

Call or message Kim for an appointment

021 0567 894

Ask Me Anything

All pets are different - as are their coats; some coats are smooth, some are curly, some are wirey, etc...  All these different coats have different needs and I will happily guide you through what is best for your pet's grooming regime. Here at Paw Space, you have choices, please just ask.

111 Vauxhall Road, Narrow Neck, Auckland, NZ 0624

021 0567 894

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